Rental Leasing

If you like our images we can usually find a way for you to have them!

We rent our originals, investment grade prints, and in the right circumstances our decorative line as well.   With rental - you can switch out the image from time to time....a new look as simple as a phone call.  The rental rate is determined by the value of the art work - hang one of my originals valued in the thousands for just a few dollars a month.  Normal rental is for a year, however we can accommodate a special circumstance.


For example, Our Saratoga Decorative Package -  Three 18x24s (Sunday Seven, Mom and Foal, Starting Gate) and Paddock to Post 32x40 for just $58.80 a month.


Leasing is a little bit different.

In a lease arrangement, part or your monthly payment is towards the purchase of the piece, with predetermined buy outs at predictable intervals.  It is a way for you to lock in the purchase price at today's market (my artwork has appreciated even during a down market).  A lease-purchase arrangement affords the acquisition of a lot artwork with a modest monthly payment.     

Browse through the galleries and then Contact Carol 518-899-7311 she will help you get started.


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