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JC and I have been married for over twenty years. 

He has always painted or made something with his hands as a way to relax. 

We had separate careers and then the time was right for me to leave my management career and join him in his consulting business.  At least that is what I thought I was doing.   However, there was a different plan for our lives, as he was diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurism and kidney cancer shortly thereafter.

Our journey into Art as a profession started as a way to recover.  It has transformed us and has become our way of living.

I have found it virtually impossible to keep the web updated.

At any given time there are 50-75 originals on display somewhere in the US, and another 100 or so in our studio....and he paints every day!

 So if you see something you like, yes we do sell originals. 

Give me a call 518-899-7311 or drop me an email carol@jcparkerfineart.com and I'll be happy to let you know if it is still available and the price.

Thanks for spending time in our Gallery!


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